They just didn't get it...They spend three years with Him..They knew him like no one else on Earth...And they didn't get it.  As good Jewish boys, they took the Passover meal just like they'd done their whole lives, and then He changed it up...and you know they were thinking...what in the world?  Then He told them that one of them would betray Him...the leader of the group declared he would never betray Him, and then He told that leader that he would deny even knowing Him three times.  They watched Him arrested, beaten, and then crucified.  They watched His body prepared and then placed in a borrowed grave.  Their sorrow must have been immeasurable.  They had watched countless miracles in those three years, they saw Him raise the dead, cast out demons, walk on water, they saw the Word in the Flesh.  Despite all this they had absolutely NO IDEA what they would find that Sunday morning...and when they found an empty tomb...WOW.  Now keep in mind He had prophesied over and over that He would die and then three days later rise from the dead.  But when it happened...completely shocked.

I call those guys the duh-ciples because it seems like so often they have this "duh" reaction to situations.  They don't get it and it frustrates Jesus to no end.  Like when Peter offers to build houses for Moses and Elijah at the transfiguration....or when Thomas says "We don't know where you're going so how can we know the way?"...or when Philip says "Show us the Father and that will be enough."  Duh-ciples just seems to fit.

At the same, I can so relate to the duh-ciples...In fact, I'm sure I would have reacted in the same way.  I wouldn't have expected an empty tomb either.  I can relate to Peter's propensity to speak before He thinks, or Thomas' tendency to withdraw when he's down and discouraged, or John's struggle with what it means to be "great."  I'm thankful for the humanity of those duh-ciples because I can relate.  I also love the fact that their story doesn't end in the Gospels but it continues in the book of Acts.  That Peter who denied even knowing Jesus begins preaching with boldness...James is the first of the 12 to lay down his life...history tells us they would all die a martyr's death.  So what happened?  What was the game changer?  

THE HOLY SPIRIT!  When the Holy Spirit comes, suddenly these 12 ordinary men become mighty warriors for the kingdom.  They boldly live and they boldly die.  C.S. Lewis defined mere christianity as "A divine God doing a divine work so humans who are in no way divine could be a part of a divine plan."  Those 12 men personify that quote.  My challenge then is to live the Spirit-filled life....to live my life in such a way that the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  What about you?  Duh or done?  The duh of life before the Holy Spirit or the transformed life that causes others to marvel at what God has done.  I choose done.

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1. DeeDee wrote:
Good word my friend

Mon, April 1, 2013 @ 6:39 PM

2. Vickie wrote:
I can almost hear you speaking. Thank you for your words of God and your wonderful spirit. Love you!

Tue, April 2, 2013 @ 10:51 AM

3. Charlie Beerman wrote:
Brad, it is always refreshing to drink and soak up from the well B2. Thank you and God Bless you for all that you do, and for what is to come.

Tue, April 2, 2013 @ 2:40 PM

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